Story and Plot

Major Plot Archs
A House Divided
The High Court of Nortia is caught in the pull between two opposing factions- the Avari Dominion, and the High Elves of the Shimmering Country. Divisions run deep in the capitol city as the fate of the Nortians hang in the balance.

To Repel the Shadow
The Gray War marked the end of the Gray Elf nation and the rise of the Avari Dominion. They may have no country, but every Gray Elf who remembers the fall of their society burns with hatred for the Avari Dominion. One small faction would see the Gray Elves united again.

Plight of the Gnomes
The reclusive natives of the unreachable country of IGnomicron have long needed nothing from the outside world. It isn’t until plague, vermin, and aberrations begin taking a hold in the underbelly of the technologically advanced nation that Gnome ambassadors come to Nortia seeking aid.

First Contact
A new race from beyond the borders of the Known World makes contact with Nortia, and they are anything but peaceful. The emissary brings tidings of an impending invasion by a force never before seen by Human, Elf, Gnome, or Halfling.

Gods, Pawns, and Shadow
Corven, an ancient immortal Magi, seeks the help of only the most legendary of adventurers to embark on a quest into the Shadow realm to combat extraplanar influence on the Known World. What they find when they leave the mortal plane forever alters the course of history.

Minor Plot Archs
Vices of Fairport
Fairport’s governor seeks aid in combating a rise in crime in the city.

Story and Plot

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